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1 min readNov 26, 2020

ColossusXT Video Competition — Win 700,000 Colx!

This is so exciting! With the price of Bitcoin going up daily, this prize has the potential to be quite big. And to top it off, you can stake your coins either in your own private wallet, or use a shared masternode service.

Staking will generate rewards daily, increasing your crypto profile while you eat, sleep, or play!

To enter your video, click here! tg://addstickers?set=ColossusCoi

Good luck, and happy editing!

Official Twitter Announcement https://twitter.com/ColossusCoinXT/status/1330865710017470464

Please note that you should have Telegram to enter. If this is not an option, contact ColossusXT on discord. We will definitely get your entry submitted :) !

This fun contest was sponsored completely by the ColossusXT community, and funds were donated in Colx coins!

Don’t forget, Saturday night is trivia night on discord. Come join me for fun, prizes, and knowledge!