Subsudio Search — Worlds Better Than Google!

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3 min readNov 19, 2019


Welcome to the new and improved Internet — an Internet where every user who can connect is able to access the entire Internet regardless of where they live. As you may know, some governments are censoring what their population is allowed to view online. One of Subsudio’s goals is to allow every human on the planet the opportunity to read and write whatever they wish.

Subsudio also believes that these Internet adventures should be private unless the individual wishes to disclose them. SubSudio search engine’s privacy-centric listings don’t store, use or sell your personal data, unlike some other services. For example: “Google billed the change as “additional steps to safeguard user privacy,” but advertisers will still be able to access data like city-level location, website URL, app names or app IDs. On the face of it, those seem like more “private” identifiers than whether a user is on a news or weather site.”
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There will be paid listings to get into the directory but no pay-per-click advertising! Also Subsudio Search will have a pay to search feature which will give users a small amount of money every time they search. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wish I had a penny [or even half a penny] for every search I have made!

The founder of Subsudio is Peter Aldred “Bitcoin Pete” It has been Bitcoin Pete’s life-long mission to help people, both financially and health wise, with his unique and innovative range of Ethos Healthy Lifestyle Products which he has sold very successfully over the last 20 years. You may find more information on them here . Pete originally got involved in cryptocurrency back in 2012 and started buying up bitcoins when they were just $9.00 a coin! Since then, he has an excellent track record of picking winners and has now devised SubSudio to buildout a new privacy-centric, net-neutral, intranet substructure and to help people to earn an extra part-time income with his unique subsudio affiliate programme which rewards affiliates for new customer acquisitions. Instead of using the usual ‘pay-per-click’ marketing strategy, he has developed an innovative new way to reward people for viewing websites which guarantees real ‘live’ viewers to people and companies alike who buy SubSudio TrafficPacks. You can read a lot more about Bitcoin Pete and all of his ‘adventures’ in his very latest best-selling book, co-authored by his great friend and business associate; the world-famous novelist & crime-writer Christopher Berry-Dee. Get the book on at this link or here .

This is only the tip of the iceberg, please stay tuned for more information on this exciting and life-changing project!